Our legacy

  • Participation People
  • November 26, 2015

We want to create a legacy of Youth Participation. To do that, we evaluate and capture our work along the way. We do that by:

Through Film
We believe that directly listening to the voices of young people is MUCH more authentic and impactful than just reading a report about what they’ve said. One of our favourite ways to capture our work is through film and media. View some of our film clips here!


Case Studies
As much as we love film and media, case studies are also important to us in capturing the journey young people go on while they engage with us. For us, case studies are important in capturing the journey young people go on while they work with us! Here’s a small selection of case studies.


Opinon Sheets
A powerful tool we have developed  enable decision makers and young people to understand what comes out of projects and activities we undertake. See a selection of Opinion Sheet examples.

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