Case Studies

  • Participation People
  • November 26, 2015

For us, case studies are important in capturing the journey young people go on while they work with us!

Here’s a small selection for your reading enjoyment…

Inspire Change

  1. Youth Climate Report – coming soon
  2. Takeover Challenge case-study
  3. Staff recruitment induction and appraisals case-study
  4. Youth Led Events – coming soon
  5. Professional Training – coming soon

Get data and insight

  1. Youth Led Research case-study
  2. Young Facilitators case-study
  3. Youth Inspection case-study

Take Action

  1. Mental Health Youth Led Campaign case-study
  2. Young Apprentice case-study
  3. Children in Care Council case study – coming soon
  4. Peer Educators case study – coming soon

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