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  • November 26, 2015

For us, case studies are important in capturing the journey young people go on while they work with us! Here’s a small selection of case studies – AND our annual reviews!

Participation People Adventure 2014

We have had a record-breaking year! What with national awards, highest youth election turnouts nationally; and seen as Youth Voice experts. Team that with winning sensational new contracts. It takes us further towards our goal of empowering young people across the world.

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The Participation People: Highlights of 2013

What can you do with 6 inspirational people, £70,000, 1,150 decision makers and 44,100 young people? Read on, and we will tell you…

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Case Study: Young Mayor of Tower Hamlets

In this case study, we map the journey of six young people who grew up in Tower Hamlets and took part in the Young Mayor project 2009 to 2013. The Young Mayor model offers numerous benefits to young people, elected members and local government officers.

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Case Study: Building a Culture of Youth Participation

We have worked in this London Borough for the past two years. We have seen Youth Participation structures grow and develop beyond our imagination. This case study outlines our work and what it has taken to build an effective Youth Council from the bottom up…

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Case Study: Youth Consultation vs. Youth Engagement

Youth participation, youth engagement, youth voice, youth leadership, youth involvement, youth representation, youth buzz word, buzz word, buzz word…

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However you look at it, involving young people is paramount to the futures of our communities albeit on a housing estate, in a community service, through a local authority, or on a regional, national and or international basis.

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