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  • Participation People
  • November 26, 2015
Services work better with young people.
We make this happen by being playful in practice; serious about solutions. We deliver award-winning projects that enable decision makers to deliver better services.Here’s what we can do for you:

1. Inspire change in your organisation
We can transform the culture of your organisation by changing your approach to working with young people. We address common business challenges including staff skill and motivation, keeping up with current trends AND marketing your services to young people.

Find out more about our Inspire Change services here.

2. Gain data and insight to transform your product or service
We help you understand the lived experience of young people by using proven, youth-led, award-winning models. Our insight and feedback projects are bespoke to fit your needs. They will give you fantastic data to help you make better decisions. They also offer young people fantastic experiences to develop personal and employability skills.

Find out more about our Data and Insight services here.

3. Take action with young people
We keep young people engaged from the start until we find the solution together. We work with them to find out what they think and what needs changing. Then we work with both young people and decision-makers to deliver some serious solutions. 

Find out more about our Take Action services here.

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