Stacy Edwards, Play Specialist

I work with a group of young people within a hospital setting aiming to get their voices heard. November 2014 bought new challenges for me and I was asked to set up a youth group aimed at capturing the voices of young people who have experience in the hospital setting.


I have worked with children and young people for nearly 10 years and this was a totally new experience for me. I had no idea what I was doing or even if what I was doing was right. Early into the group forming, I met with Antonia from participation people who totally inspired me and made me feel confident with my new role as youth voice facilitator.


Antonia met with the group and helped them prepare for big presentations, which was the start of many.


Currently our group is doing really well and getting huge recognition, not only within our trust but to outside organisations.


Participation People have also helped the voice of the child ambassadors to meet many other people that work with young people in health through networking meeting.
Thank you Participation People, especially Antonia, always smiling and happy, for inspiring me as you have for many. Keep up the great work.

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